“Helping drive consumer products to maximum success by achieving brand market-share and continuous growth, while building value and equity for my client's branded companies, is my passion and expertise.” -- David Biernbaum

Welcome to David Biernbaum & Associates, LLC

For many of my clients I am a CONSULTANT, advisor, and mentor in a variety of CPG capacities. From time to time, I have taken on the role of a director or executive on a temporary, long term, or part-time basis for clients in need.

For several clients I serve the role of MASTER BROKER, which means I take the lead in driving national sales with my network of regional brokers nationwide and for every retail account.

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What Can David Do For You?

DAVID will lead you through the retail minefields helping you achieve MAXIMUM comprehensive success to build BRAND equity.

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Meet David Biernbaum

As a high-level consumer packaged goods professional since 1977, David has been highly instrumental in the success of many well-known brands.

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Guidance & Tips

MIS-MANAGEMENT OF BROKERS by failing to keep a highly experienced razor sharp eye on everything brokers do from the minute they receive samples.

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21 Questions Before Launching Your Brand

Dear Potential Associate and Client,In order to help you and me have the right conversation about the possibility of working together, and to make the very best use of our mutual time,

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