About David

David Biernbaum – Bio
(Consumer Goods & Retail Professional since 1977)
Marketing, Sales, Business and Brand Development
Master Broker of National Sales and Consulting Services


David Biernbaum provides Across-the-Board Consulting, National Sales & Marketing Leadership and Expertise, Brand Equity Development, and in-depth marketing and business development savvy; all at an outsourced cost.  David Biernbaum has a history of building efficient approaches that constantly result in rapid development in retail sales with major growth and equity.

David is a dedicated CONSULTANT, ADVISOR, MENTOR, visionary executive with consumer goods business development.  And although David has led many successful campaigns and served executive roles in many CPG spaces, his specialty areas today are HBC/OTC/PERSONAL CARE, etc., etc.   And for some of David’s clients, David is also a “Master-Broker” meaning that he takes the lead role in driving the consumer goods and retail business for his clients on a national sales basis with his complete national network of regional brokers.  David and his teams do business with every retail account in the U.S., mainly in drug, mass, and food.

David specializes with brands delivering innovation, product differentiation, and on-the-shelf productivity.  Since 1977, David Biernbaum and his teams have brought to market and/or impacted over 200 highly productive successful consumer brands in the marketplace; including Aquafresh, Oral-B,Clear Eyes, Zooth (P&G) licensed toothbrushes and toothpaste, Sucrets, Selsun Blue, Germ-X, Mineral Ice, Prilosec, Gillette Sensor, LiceGuard, Sonicare, Massengill, and currently or more recently,SmartMouth, Australian Dream Arthritis Cream, ZarBee’s Cough Syrups, TriCalm Anti-Itch,TheraBreath, OraBrush, Milkscreen, Softcup, Burt’s Bees, Xlear, RectiCare, HelioCare, and many more.

David’s professional background includes very successful executive roles at GSK, Abbott Labs, Gillette Company, Vi-Jon Labs, Zooth Inc, Procter & Gamble, and companies ranging from innovative start-up’s to some of the world’s industry giants.

David provides expertise and leadership in major trade associations such as ECRM, NACDS, and GMDCand has strong ties with the trade media and industry social media.

David has also developed exclusive store-brands for retailers such as Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, Kroger, and many others.  David has connections on so many levels within the consumer goods industry.

David founded the Consumer Goods & Retail Professionals social media groups on LinkedIn and Facebook, now with more than 52,000 members.

David has written hundreds of columns for industry trade publications and often quoted on CNBC and other media.  David is a “BrainTrust” panel member at Retailwire.com. the very popular blog read every day by retail buyers and executives.  David is a frequent speaker, guest panelist, and licensed instructor on CPG marketing topics at universities and in professional associations.



Helping consumer goods companies drive success and build equity is my expertise and passion.

I make a great living in the field that I genuinely love.  Most of my awake hours are devoted to my clients, associates, and the companies I work with and represent. However, candidly and undeniably, I’m very selective with taking on new clients, new roles, or new responsibilities.