My role with clients fall into two categories

A.I serve some of my clients in the role of a MASTER-BROKERmeaning that I take the lead role in driving the business on a NATIONAL SALES basis with all of the regional brokers and with every retail account and with your dedicated team at the company.

Master Broker National Sales

$12K–$18K Monthly Retainer

All Accounts Drug, Food, Mass, etc.
Up to 3% over-ride on Net Sales
2 to 3 years auto renewable agreement.

B.For other clients, where I am not a master-broker, I am strictly a dedicated CONSULTANT, ADVISOR, MENTOR, or director in any of a variety of capacities.


$5K-$10K /Month Retainer

Hands-On Support, Consulting, and Ongoing Guidance in Multiple Aspects of Your CPG business.
Depending on Time and Needs.


$2,500 Per Day

$500 per hour
Availability is limited.

I also devote time to serving the CPG/Retail industry in committees, on task forces, and constant contribution in trade and social media. I share a continuous purpose to help make our industry better, while sharing knowledge, but also “lobbying” retail executives on concerns that have impact on my types of clients. Moreover, I’m fully committed to staying “current” with new CPG trends, technology, change, and new developments.

The CPG/Retail industry is my passion! — DB