What do Clients & Associates Say About David Biernbaum?

ANDREW BURCH – CEO Triumph Pharmaceuticals (Smart Mouth)

David Biernbaum has brought so many of his personal and professional assets to Smart Mouth that it would be next to impossible to summarize in just a few words.  David is a CPG marketing and business development guru “on steroids”  that gives 100% of himself, his capabilities, and resources, no matter what the time of day.  He is a problem-solver, an opportunity finder, and brings creative energetic solutions to every tasks and meeting.  David is a brilliant strategist and also very, very, good “salesman” that is amazing with  retailers, brokers, and the trade press.  He’s also terrific with our board, our shareholders, and any key contact we put in front of him, or the ones he brings to us. 

David knows the CPG retail industry inside and out and has an incredible number of connections with retailers, industry trade associations, trade media, and many other key pivotal resources that he has brought to Smart Mouth.  And although David is not an “employee” of the company, his time, devotion, energy, and commitment is the same, or better, than if he were a full time executive here. David is a true partner and invaluable member of our executive team. We even set aside a fully functional office for David for whenever he is in our building!  We like when he’s here!


“David is a brilliant businessman that knows consumer goods and retail inside and out.  David is a full partner in our company that gives 100% of himself every minute of every day of the entire year.  David has taken Australian Dream to a far higher level of retail distribution.

David is a master with handing national sales management, brokers, retail buyers, and retail executives.  He also works closely with our ad agency and other outsourced partners.  He is hands-on in nearly every aspect of our business.  David is so well respected by everyone in the industry and he has elevated our brand’s name to a high senior level by exposing the brand in such a positive way at trade shows and events, ECRM, NACDS Annual Meeting, GMDC, and in the trade media and the business and social media. 

David has an unusual passion for his brands, his clients, and his connections.  He works hard, he’s the consummate professional, plays to win, but does so with honesty, integrity, and compassion.”

Jill Foster (Major Fortune 5oo Pharmaceutical/OTC, and client of David Biernbaum)  
David is a marketing genius; however, more importantly he is an incredible teacher, mentor, and friend. If you are smart, passionate about marketing and sales, and willing to learn, David will change your life.”


“ZarBee’s contracted David Biernbaum in 2009 for national sales and business development consulting. David was hired after the company did not get results it needed from a different master broker, nor from a large “big name” national broker organization that was hired at the start.  From the start David analyzed ZarBee’s business immediately and started making the appropriate recommendations from scoop to nuts and lead us the right way with comprehensive retail presentations, packaging changes, marketing, advertising, and how to approach the trade shows in the right way.

David brought to ZarBee’s his own national network of independent reps and brokers which he managed day to day with excellent results helping to secure major national distribution in numerous chain drugs, supermarkets, and mass merchandisers, and wholesalers.  ZarBee’s grew to become a major force in the retail industry and a highly productive brand for the company and for its retail partners.  With David’s vast senior level connections in the CPG industry he was able to help put ZarBee’s on the map not only in the retail stores but also with senior executives through NACDS, GMDC, ECRM, and through David’s many industry leadership activities and connections. 

Best of all, David’s consulting to ZarBee’s on a day to day basis, issue by issue, opportunity by opportunity, is invaluable.  David knows this industry inside and out, he works non-stop, and he is so well connected with a deep sense of knowledge and judgment about everything there is to know in the field of consumer goods retail and within the CPG industry.  ZarBee’s would not be the brand it has become, and will be in the future, if the company had not hired David Biernbaum. 

 Scott Sullivan (Major Retail Chain Executive)   

“David is a genius in the field of consumer goods marketing and business development.  His client companies are always well prepared to present at retail and David stands behind them.”

Neal Harmon, (CEO, ORABRUSH Tongue Cleaner)
“When OraBrush exploded online, we had to find answers quickly on an industry that we didn’t understand. As I started my research, Biernbaum continued to surface over and over and so I gave him a call. In our consulting sessions, I was impressed at the insights he gave us into the industry that would have taken us months to acquire. I also appreciated that he continues to be a resource even though our needs demanded that we bring sales function in house. He sent me a note right before I contacted Walmart that helped me know that the buyer had changed. That information was so timely. He’s extremely connected in the industry – we really valued his help. Great Results, Personable, An Expert.”

TAYLA KHAN – Director, Major Fortune 500 Company, and Client of David Biernbaum’s 
“I am so privileged to have a role in a major company that engaged David Biernbaum to be a major consultant to the division in which I manage. David is brilliant and amazing in every facet of business, and with working with people of all ages, genders, and role positions on all levels, and even with teaching basic life skills. DB knows how to put everything into the right perspective. He builds confidence, mentors, and teaches better than anyone I have ever known or worked with. I adore this man.”

Scott Porter (Category Manager at Kerr Drug, Inc.)

“I have yet to come across anyone who knows more about the CPG Industry than David. He is extremely passionate about helping others and sharing his wealth of knowledge. David is someone who always has a well thought out plan to grow business and delivers. He is very articulate and possesses exceptional presentation skills. David is the consummate professional and a true leader in our retail world. I highly recommend David.”

Kevin Browett (EVP and GMM Merchandising, K Mart worked directly with David B. at Vi-Jon)

 “David is truly a “get it rolling, then get it done” gentleman. As I moved to shake up K mart and how we did merchandising, I needed smart focused and determined partners. In David I got that 100 fold. He gets it. He sees the plan, the vision and then connects the dots fast to deliver the results you need. He has the highest of ethics and he always delivered what he promised and more… He was to this day the best partner I have ever had in the merchandising arena.”   

Jay Forbes (Forbes Connection / Drug Store News)

Among an increasingly diverse field of Business Development Organizations, David Biernbaum is one of a select few with an on-the-ground involvement in the trend lines impacting retail and pragmatic solutions to suppliers seeking to maximize their sales goals. His understanding of the forces that drive this business and his involvement in electronic and social media are cutting edge.

David Pinto, (Editor of MMR and Chain Drug Review)

David Biernbaum has been a constant contributor to MMR and Chain Drug Review on consumer products entering or developing in the Health and Beauty Care Market at mass retail. His knowledge of business development and trends, placement and promotion and his ability to work with retailers makes him an exceptional resource and voice for any company or brand in the mass consumer product industry.

Elyse Bender-Segall, (CEO, PR Revolution)

“David is number one in his field. He is bright and well-connected and always manages to exceed his client’s expectations. I work hand in hand in hand with David. He will put your products on the shelf, and I will make sure that consumers are buying them. Anyone who has the chance to work with him should consider themselves lucky.”

B.J. Johnson (Consultant to Procter & Gamble/ CPG companies.)

If I were starting up a new consumer goods company, or if I had already started one up two or three years ago and needed “the” right guy to get my new CPG company on the right track, I’d settle for no one else on this planet other than David Biernbaum. He is a mastermind with CPG marketing, sales, and business development and he has impeccable credibility with industry execs, retailers, brokers, trade media, and key connections aplenty. Case in point, David’s network of more than 50,000 CPG people on LinkedIn’s Consumer Goods & Retail Professionals social media group speaks volumes. David is passionate, brilliant, and always a step ahead of the others. David sees the big picture better than anyone I know and he shatters the competition. I work for a company that tried to hire David full time but his desire was to continue on as an independent business development specialist that builds equity for entrepreneurs and smaller brands. One day if I start up a brand of my own it will happen only with David Biernbaum’s leadership, knowledge, confidence, connections, and guidance. Anyone else is second best and I never settle for second best.

Janet Dorenkott, (CEO Relational Solutions)

David is a known expert in the Consumer packaged goods arena. He is hard working, professional and well liked. He has a history of success. If you’re looking to get your products on the shelf, you can count on David to get the job done. He has a great reputation and relationship with the retailers. He is very well connected and will make your product successful!”

Al McClain (Retailwire.com)
David Biernbaum is an informed, enlightened, and reliable contributor to Retailwire.com, via our BrainTrust panel of experts. He also seemingly knows everyone in the retailing and consumer products industries!

Mark Young – (CEO, Jekyll and Hyde Advertising and Marketing (Formerly Western Creative, Inc.)
As an advertising executive in the CPG industry I have had the unique honor of working with David on multiple brands. With each assignment he brings a dedication and wealth of knowledge that is hard to find.

Bedsides for his deep inside knowledge of the industry and his tremendous contacts, he brings something to every client that is very hard to find, real integrity.

Whenever I meet a CPG client that needs a fast insider’s perspective of the business or that has a product that is a diamond in the rough he is my guy.

J. WILLIAMS (Sr. Marketing Director, Major Fortune 500 Company and client of David Biernbaum)
“David is a remarkable guy. He exudes confidence in everything he does yet he is about as real and pragmatic as anyone I have ever worked with. He doesn’t always tell you what you want to hear but if you are open to learning and growing David will mentor you to success. David’s knowledge is very special and I can testify that smart people pay attention and take notes!
David is a personable guy with a great sense of humor that makes this a fun business.”

Sarah Sweitzer (ECRM)
“I have had the pleasure of working with David, while preparing for numerous ECRM events. He is very knowledgeable, detailed, and passionate about his work and clients.”

Warren Thayer (Publisher)

“David’s communications capabilities are top-notch. His column for PLBuyer, which I edited at the time of his writings, always got good feedback. He’s one of those rare people who can cut to the chase, and his comprehension of the strategic/tactical details and grunt work in the trenches made his insights practical and valuable, unlike the dubious ivory-tower preaching’s of all too many consultants.

Thomas Romano (Consultant)

“I have worked with David on several projects and found him to be very knowledgeable, diligent, committed and having a high level of integrity. When you work with David, you are always having fun!”

JOHN BRUNNER (CEO Vi-Jon Laboratories – 1994)
“David joined Vi-Jon at a critical time in our history. We were struggling in our transition as a small company. Thought his efforts we were able to pull together a sales organization and establish our first concept of account teams. David contributed to our first strategic planning meetings and helped to establish our first formal corporate mission statement. We then were able to go on the attack – and truly be considered a company that is a leader in our categories. David’s next focus was the development of the initial Marketing department – pulling resources from within and obtaining support externally. We developed our first category presentation using extensive marketing data quite unlike our old approach.) Vi-Jon began to gain a new level of respect in the industry as a company to be taken seriously by the competition… and organization that support the customer better than anyone else. David finally moved ahead into the area of Industry Relations, leveraging his knowledge, the industry and the market, to make an impact at the highest levels of management within our industry and trade associations, but most importantly our customers.”

Dan Muehlemann (Ultradata Systems, Inc.)

“David has one of the best marketing minds in the business. I’ve seen the results (and the money!) generated from working with David.”

ED NALLEY (Leading Industry Recruiter)

“I have known David since 1990 and watched him be promoted from RM,VP Sls&Mkt for CPG Co’s.I placed David as President. He quickly grew the company & worked himself out of that assignment. You should call him when you need talent as a GM VP Sls& MKt for CPG Co’s. I know for a fact that 3 companies in business today–would not be–if they hadn’t hired David. Ed Nalley President ESI”

Rik Vig (Creative Director TheraBreath) 
“I have worked with many marketing and sales consultants in my 30+ year career and David Biernbaum is one of the best. His understanding of the HBA category of consumer goods and the retail market are top notch and have been instrumental in helping propel the Dr. Katz brand into the forefront of its category niche. I highly recommend him and his services.”


“David is very experienced with emerging products.”

Tracey Saenz (Client — Executive from Evofem/Cosmederm)

“Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert.  As you can see from reading everyone’s comments about David, he is an expert in his field, he can recognize CPG brands that have high potential, he is well-connected with the CPG best and brightest, and he provides actionable insights to his clients. He’s an accurately self-described ‘CPG Geek’ in the best way. In addition to the results and expertise David provides – he’s also a joy to work with. David loves his customers and it shows. David makes my job a lot easier, and more fun!”


“David and I have worked together for several years now on a number of sales and marketing projects. He artfully implements fact-selling techniques and uses the power of shopper insights to help his clients grow.”

DAN QUAIL (VP Similasan Corporation)

“David has exceptional talent in the development of brands. He consistently leads his clients to winning business solutions. David has demonstrated world-class capabilities with strong industry knowledge which leads to actionable plans. David has personal experience across all trade channels in marketing and sales, which also includes great insights into social media/word-of-mouth networking, proven by his own web site. David is a real team player, with tremendous leadership ability, and will do whatever it takes to win.”

Kate Seymour (Chain Drugstore Marketplace)
“David is a well-connected, professional person who can help grow your company in the chain drug retail space, getting you the placement your products/services need to succeed. On top of this, David is an amazing person who you will want to work with, not one you deal with simply because of their talent and effectiveness (though he had that in spades, as you can see from his other recommendations). You should also follow/join David’s blog/groups, on LinkedIn, and on Facebook for great information on the industry.”